Wednesday, 16 July 2014

2 Smoothies! :)

The other day my girlfriend bought a smoothie recipe book called Smoothies och Juicer (Smoothies and Juice) from the Swedish store Lagerhaus and we've already tried out two of the recipes from it. Both of them turned out really well, considering I've never made smoothies before, so I thought I would share the recipes with you. We modified them slightly to suit our preferences.

Kiwi and Lime Smoothie

First we went for a kiwi and lime smoothie recipe, partly because it sounded tasty, and partly because we had quite a few kiwis to eat :). It turned out very rich and smooth, probably because of the ice cream in it, but also very refreshing and fruity.

2 kiwis
Half a lime
150 ml of milk
400 g of vanilla ice cream

Pour the milk into the blender and squeeze in the juice from the lime. Then scoop out the kiwis and add them. Finally add the ice cream and blend it all together :) It should make 2-3 servings. For a healthier alternative, use vanilla yoghurt instead of ice cream.

You can also check out this recipe on my girlfriend's blog here

Strawberry Cooler Recipe

The second recipe we went for was called Apple Cooler, but there were more strawberries in it than apples, so I'm gonna call it Strawberry Cooler :) This one was lighter and fruitier, so it's good if you're on a diet.

1 apple
1 peach
4 oranges
A number of strawberries (See the picture below to see how many we used)

First peel and core the apple, chop it and add it to the blender. Core and chop the peach and add it. Chop the strawberries and add them. Finally squeeze the oranges into the mixture and blend well. Serve with ice and enjoy this delicious and wholesome, summer smoothie. It's great if you love bits!

I hope this recipes gave you some inspiration! Comment if you know any other nice smoothie recipes you want to share. Thank you for reading :)

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