Friday, 11 July 2014

Fitness Guru One Meal Powder

Fitness Guru One Meal Powder

My girlfriend and I recently bought a powder from Fitness Guru. Its called One Meal and can be used either as a meal replacement or as a supplement. My girlfriend bought it to have instead of breakfast when she's in a rush, but I've ended up using most of it, and she's only had it once so far. I've been using it for snacks in between meals and also mixing it with my oatmeal for breakfast sometimes. My god does it taste good! The flavour is Madagascar Vanilla and its really sweet and tasty. Some might find it a bit sickly but I have a sweet tooth so I loved it :). In addition it was extremely filling and kept me full for a long time, so I think it'll definitely work as a meal substitute for those who don't have time to cook or who are trying to diet. I'm not trying to lose weight so I'm just using it in order to make sure I'm getting enough protein into my diet, and also because it tastes so damn good. Ok, mainly because it tastes so damn good.

I don't have much experience with this kind of thing, so I can't really compare to similar products, but the price was reasonable (25 pounds for 1.38 kg). There's quite a lot of carbs in it (43 g per 100g) so I'd avoid if you're on a low carb diet. There is nevertheless very little sugar so I'm not too worried and its aspartame free which is another plus. Its also high in protein (38 g per 100 g) so its good if you need more protein in your diet. They recommend 2 and a half scoops per serving, but personally I think this is way too much and rarely use more than 1 scoop.

Since the taste is so amazing, I'm going to use it in baking and smoothies recipes which I'll post up at some point once I get around to trying them out :). So stay tuned.

Here is the link to Fitness Guru if you're interested:

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