Sunday, 13 July 2014

Chanterelle Mushrooms on Toast

I had never heard of or tried Chanterelle mushrooms until I came to Sweden, where they are a bit of a delicacy. I've never seen them in the supermarket in the UK, which is a shame because they're really tasty and I much prefer them over regular mushrooms. Luckily, they're really easy to get a hold of in Sweden. The other day I cooked some up with special homemade Swedish style Chanterelle sauce (which is ridiculously simple to make) and had it on toast for dinner, with salad on the side (I'd had a big lunch so I wanted something light). This recipe makes enough mushrooms for 8 pieces of toast.

200 g Chanterelle mushrooms
125 ml cream
A large knob of butter
8 slices of white bread

1. Fry the mushrooms in the butter for several minutes until they start to go soft. Then add the cream. Add enough to fill up the pan, as some will boil away. 
2. Stir for a couple more minutes until the sauce is fully warm.
3. Toast and butter the bread and then add the mushrooms with the sauce to each slice.

This recipe is so simple I almost feel stupid writing it up but the mushrooms are really tasty and they go really well with the sauce. This recipe is perfect for a light lunch or snack, but you can also add the mushrooms and sauce to pretty much anything, it goes really well with rice and probably with pasta as well. To be honest I could probably eat it with anything. I don't know how hard it is to get a hold of chanterelle mushrooms in countries other than Sweden. I'll have a look next time I'm in the UK to see if I can find any. But if you do have chance to find some, then I'd definitely recommend buying them! 

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